Welcome to Kennys Tax Service

We are a full-service accounting and financial consultancy offering a range of financial solutions to businesses as well as individuals and help them achieve their financial goals.


We offer solutions to help bring order to your financial arrangements by managing your finances at macro and micro level.


We help you follow through on your financial commitments and prioritize your goals and outline the steps to achieve them.


We work with you to analyze the financial transitions and be prepared for them by assessing the challenges and opportunities.

Who We Are

Kennys Tax Service is an all-round financial consultancy that specializes in optimizing the financial arrangements of businesses and individuals. We make sure that your finances are in order with accurate planning. Our solutions enable you to stay in compliance with the tax laws and other financial laws and foster unhindered growth.

Our Core Services


We offer cost-effective accounting services to businesses and analyze their financial statements to offer accurate insights and business advice. We offer customized solutions based on the unique requirements of our clients. We have highly qualified business accountants at our disposal.

Tax Advising & Consulting

As tax consultants our main goal is to minimize the effects of taxes on your income and augment your finances. Our well laid out financial planning methods enable you to decrease your tax liability. We help you stay in compliance with the IRS.

Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement is a continuous and evolving process and we help you stay prepared at every step. We identify your post-retirement spending limits and accordingly modify your retirement plan. We offer professional investment management solutions and closely monitor your portfolio.

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